Welcome to Samantha Fair Consults!

I created this website to welcome those interested in working together on a range of topics related to early childhood.



Samantha Fair is an early childhood consultant and organizational tutor with over a decade of experience working with young children, teachers and parents. As a native New Yorker, she is a graduate of Ithaca College and Columbia University and brings a rich and varied experience working with a diverse network of New York City schools. As an educator and school leader, Samantha has experience crafting individualized progressive educational approaches and sound operational practices.

Samantha is passionate about the significant impact of a solid education during the first years of life and hopes this website will inspire other educators, offer guidance to parents and provide a space for her own continued reflections on teaching and learning.


Family Consultations

I provide a wide range of consulting services tailored to your family’s needs. Topics may include:

– Bringing Montessori and Reggio Emilia philosophies into the home to stimulate your child’s creative nature
– Creating routines and structure within the home
– Welcoming a new sibling to the family
– Fostering independence
– At home activity plans based on your child’s unique interests and needs

Preschool & Playgroup Consultations

As a preschool administrator and consultant, I have spent the past several years working with schools and playgroups in their start-up years. This is a critical period for a young program as you set up your operations and procedures while solidifying your educational philosophy and practice. I consult on both operational and educational aspects of early childhood programs on a wide range of topics anywhere from navigating DOH licensing procedures to exploring documentation as a learning and planning tool. I would love to with you about your current challenges!

Organizational Tutoring

I work privately with PreK-Grade 6 students through Organizational Tutors, a neuro-psychologically based tutoring network run by Dr. Anna Levy-Warren. We specialize in early learners with challenges in executive functions, attention and motivation.  If you are interested in setting up a consult for tutoring, you may contact the organization directly at www.organizationaltutors.com.

If you are interested in working together in any capacity, please email me at SFairConsults@gmail.com