In honor of July 4th, I wanted to post a blog about Independence. Yesterday we celebrated our country’s independence but what I want to know is how do you choose to celebrate your child’s independence?

As anyone who has spent time around preschoolers knows, young children take pride in doing things on their own. Therefore, allowing space for your child to be independent is essential for their development and growing sense of self.

Independence is a major goal in my classroom. I want to be able to step back and find the children can carry on during their work without my help. This was a large part of Maria Montessori’s philosophy and my school is very much influenced by her work. But how should this translate into the home?

Giving your child “jobs” at home is a great way for children to learn practical life skills, but also to assert their independence in the home. Maybe they always help set the table for dinner, or carry the dishes to the sink. Trust your child with tasks that are challenging and allow them to take ownership of that role in the home. Maybe dinner time isn’t the best for your family. What about care of a family pet? Or a job in their bedrooms? Choose whatever feels right for you and your child. But as they get older keep in mind, their abilities will grow and the expectations for independence and family contributions can and should grow right alongside!

Please feel free to comment below and let me know how you celebrate your child’s independence.

Happy Independence Day everyone!


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