Fall Leaf Collage

After a few recent spikes in temperature, it seems that Fall is fully upon us, and I couldn’t be more excited. I love Fall! Which means I also love coming up with fun Fall activities for my preschoolers. As I am currently in brainstorming mode, I figured I could share with you one of my favorite (and super easy) activities from years past.

One of the main focal points in my classroom is a handmade paper tree. This tree changes throughout the year, with the help of my students, to reflect the change in season. Our first tree activity happens in the Fall when we have to change the colors of the leaves. To do this we make dry leaf collages.

The first step is to go outside with the children and collect dry leaves that have fallen from the trees. On our leaf hunt we try to find leaves of all different Fall colors: brown, orange, yellow and red.  This in itself is a fun activity when you turn it into a scavenger hunt and assign kids a different color or shape of leaf to look for. After bringing the bags of leaves inside, you have a choice of crumpling them up into potpourri style leaves or keeping them whole. The kids usually like to crumple them up!

Next is to let the kids get to gluing! Teachers give children a choice of a (pre-made! eek!) leaf cut out to make their collage. I like to give the kids paintbrushes with cups or plates of glue instead of glue bottles, it’s much more accessible for the students in my class. And finally glue away!



Feel free to share your favorite fall activities here, I would love to learn a few more!


2 Replies to “Fall Leaf Collage”

  1. I have alot of leaves and will in the next few weeks. They are so fun to use in many ways.Take care and come visit me at toddlersthroughpreschool.com sometime. Cathie J

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