Winter Books

I posted this sampling of my favorite Winter Books last year and wanted to post it again before the New Year (with a few additions, of course!) Enjoy!

Frederick by Leo Lionni was one of my favorite books from childhood. I still have the same copy that my mother used to read to me. In this story, a group of field mice are preparing for winter. They scurry to gather grain and food while Frederick, an artist & poet, seems to just passively sit by. But when winter comes, Frederick’s value and work is revealed. This book celebrates individuality and shows us the value in the artistic soul.

In The Mitten by Jan Brett, a young boy loses his mitten in the snow and before the mitten can be returned to its owner, a group of animals make it their home! Children love the outrageousness of all the animals fitting together in this tiny mitten. It is fun to predict which animals will come next!

The Bear Snores On by Karma Wilson is a great book for younger children; they enjoy the repetitive phrases in the book and enjoy chiming in! I use this book as a novel extension of our winter conversations about hibernation.

Another cute story which can lead into the subject of hibernation is Bedtime for Bear by Brett Helquist. In this story Bear is trying to sleep in bed for the long winter while his friends keep trying to get him to come out to play. At first Bear turns them down because “it’s bedtime for bears” but soon he is out playing in the snow. bear

Owl Moon by Jane Yolen is a more grown up story and much longer in length than the previously mentioned books. It is a beautiful story about a daughter and her father who go out looking for owls on a winter’s night. The writing is mature and the illustrations match the words in their elegance.

Waiting for Winter by Sebastian Meschenmoser is such an endearing and silly take of a squirrel and his friends who have never seen it snow. Together they attempt to stay away long enough to see the snowfall and mistake all sorts of objects as the white treasure. In addition to making my students laugh, I love this book for it’s beautiful illustrations!squirrel



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