Gift Idea in a Box

It’s holiday time and gifts are on my mind. It seems that with the popularity of Birchbox and other subscription services nearly anything and everything can be shipped to you monthly in a pretty box! So how about educational toys for your child? You bet!

I recently became acquainted with Sparkbox and now I’m kicking myself that I didn’t come up with it first! SparkBox is a subscription service that will send you 4 high quality early childhood educational toys in each box. You can choose to receive a box every 4, 6 or 8 weeks. Each box is personalized and based on your child’s phase of development. The best part is after your child plays with the toys for a few weeks, you send them back! No extra toys clogging up your closets, bins and play space. As your child develops, the toys your child receives develop alongside. It’s kind of genius!

I appreciate that Sparkbox works with child development specialists to target the toys to not only be fun but educational and help your child build foundational skills. This is how they phrase it on their website:

We aim to foster a well-rounded education curriculum by infusing each SPARKBOX across diverse skills, varying engagement levels and activity categories. Our skills are broken into Motor, Social/Emotional, Linguistic and Cognitive categories. Our learning types include: Audial, Visual and Kinesthetic. Each box builds on the skills that were exercised in the previous. The more feedback you give us, the more we can personalize your child’s learning curriculum.

To top it all off Sparkbox uses eco-friendly vendors & renewable packaging. Fun & Green!

Though this may sound like an advertisement, I have not been in any way influenced or compensated. I simply came upon it and thought it was really great, especially for the holidays! For more info on the products & services visit



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