Summer Reading

child reading

My last day of school is only a few days away and I am excitedly looking ahead to summer break! One of my favorite things to do as a kid was to pick up my summer book list – I still remember trolling the Scholastic catalogues and visiting the library. In fact, choosing my summer reading is still one of my favorite things to do and my Kindle is full of new books to read (hopefully on the beach somewhere!)

To help you and your child prepare for summer reading, I wanted to share some Reading Resources with you – some will help you choose books to read now, others are great general resources for Literacy throughout the early years of school. Enjoy!

Summer Reading 2014 This NY Public Library supported site has book lists broken down by age – from babies & toddlers all the way up to adult! You can also find book recommendations and ratings (plus provide your own).

Create-a-Reader This site is kid friendly, using online games and exercises to encourage early literacy skill building.

Get Ready to Read!  This site has a wealth to offer – free activity cards, online literacy games and webinars for parents plus much more. It’s worth exploring to see what free resources you can use with your family during the summer and all year-round.

PBS Parents Though the whole site is a great resource for parents on a range of topics, this specific link will bring you to a page with Tips for Summer Reading. I encourage you to look around to find book suggestions and even activity plans!

Early Beginnings This link will bring you to a publication from the US Department of Education on Early Literacy Knowledge and Instruction. It was created for early childhood administrators and professional development trainers but I think it could serve as a resource for anyone interested in the basics of early literacy.



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