Family Consultations

I provide a wide range of consulting services tailored to your family’s needs. Topics may include:

– Bringing Montessori and Reggio Emilia philosophies into the home to stimulate your child’s creative nature
– Creating routines and structure within the home
– Welcoming a new sibling to the family
– Fostering independence
– At home activity plans based on your child’s unique interests and needs

Preschool & Playgroup Consultations

As a preschool administrator and consultant, I have spent the past several years working with schools and playgroups in their start-up years. This is a critical period for a young program as you set up your operations and procedures while solidifying your educational philosophy and practice. I consult on both operational and educational aspects of early childhood programs on a wide range of topics anywhere from navigating DOH licensing procedures to exploring documentation as a learning and planning tool. I would love to with you about your current challenges!

Organizational Tutoring

I work privately with PreK-Grade 6 students through Organizational Tutors, a neuro-psychologically based tutoring network run by Dr. Anna Levy-Warren. We specialize in early learners with challenges in executive functions, attention and motivation.  If you are interested in setting up a consult for tutoring, you may contact the organization directly at

If you are interested in working together in any capacity, please email me at